Digital Experience

Humans are by nature interactive. We are in constant dialogue with the things and beings that surround us. We enjoy the logic of natural and learned interaction as well as surprising turns and unexpected discoveries. Interaction is how exhibits become experiences: immersive, intuitive, explorative, narrative, digital, tactile, phygital.

BMW MuseumThe Flow of Time

Haus der Wissenschaft BraunschweigElectrified

adidas GroupTest Set Up Digital Split Flap Display

Maestrani's ChocolariumShare your smile

Creating clear images for complex subjects

With multimedia exhibits, we help our clients communicate complex, abstract and invisible topics. We transform visions, technologies, messages, stories, processes and values into a fitting medium, be it a simple analogy, such as a pendulum with a narration, or an elaborate virtual world. In our workshop, we test ergonomic, logistical and technical ideas for their functionality and impact. Using test set-ups, our clients can probe our concepts before they are installed.

Pressing the right buttons and opening doors

We believe in accessibility rather than scale, in communicating key messages and arousing curiosity. Intuitive operation and direct engagement is as important as didactic and dramaturgical story-telling. Hi-fi and lo-fi experiences become seamlessly integrated and new media meets old behaviours in an irresistible union.