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Brand Experience

We create places where we make brands perceptible and tangible: their history, their DNA, their promise. Together with our clients, we develop strong images, dense content and sustainable experiences that pay off. In our own workshops, we test the functionality and impact of our ideas. From planning to production and on-site implementation: We offer everything from a single source.  Learn more?

Exhibition Experience

Anyone can hang pictures and place objects. Or maybe not? It is a great art to create a good balance between the available space, the given content, the dramaturgy, the narrative thread and the staging. Because a successful exhibition is a bit like a film or a walk-in infographic – spaces that speak, a narrative that we follow, insights that broaden our horizons. Learn more?

Digital Experience

We humans are interactive by nature. We are in constant exchange with the world, the things and living beings that surround us. With multimedia and analogue exhibits, we make complex, abstract and invisible things understandable and tangible for our customers. We seamlessly intertwine digital and real experiences – then the latest technologies form an irresistible bond with age-old behavioural patterns. Learn more?

Temporary Experience

We are friends of the big appearance and the strong gesture. We enjoy the ephemeral nature of designs and therefore like to conceive them in a light and resource-friendly way. For us, high quality is not a question of expensive surfaces. Intelligent construction, careful workmanship, design quality and surprising solutions reflect the character of the brand, product or service. A good trade fair presentation is therefore like a successful party outfit: sensational, but functional and versatile in the long term. Learn more?


We are a design studio and a workshop.
Idea finder, project driver, problem solver.
Story teller, developer, creator.

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