The chocolate factory of happiness

Maestrani’s Chocolarium

Often, a project’s success doesn’t rely on spectacular new ideas. It relies on asking the right questions. In the case of premium chocolatier Maestrani, we had big one: how does the happiness get into chocolate?

The Chocolarium is the spatial experience of Maestrani’s brands; Minor, Munz and Maestrani – three sweet names that take every Swiss person back to a childhood dreamland. Maestrani makes magical chocolate, but their inconspicuous grey factory in Toggenburger Land was at odds with its image. To give visitors an extraordinary experience, the factory was redesigned into the Chocolarium.

There are many chocolate makers in Switzerland and many have their own visitor centres. Our brief was to make something different than all the others. Our response was to bring the blend of childlike joy and indulgent pleasure that chocolate ignites to the fore, and move technical and historical details one step back. To do this credibly, a further question had to be answered: how do we tell the story of Maestrani – a premium chocolatier known for pioneering organic, Fairtrade production – with their existing factory? The answer: make the claim »chocolate makes you happy», the central plot, theme and design in Maestrani’s Chocolaium, the chocolate factory of happiness.

But, how does happiness get into chocolate? The magic relies on blending the right ingredients together with the right recipe. One that’s exceptional in its uniqueness. One that incorporates facts and magic into the plot: from fair wages ensuring happiness on all levels, to fresh alpine views enriching milk powder, from the magic of secret recipes to the inexplicable power of sharing. 

The answers bring a brand’s story to life with a striking visual identity. It’s a design solution that’s fun. It’s 2,000 square metres that tell a fresh story about production and sustainability, and enhance Maestrani’s brand credibility. This is supported with targeted partnerships: music composed and performed by a renowned Swiss orchestra; chocolate recipes created by a trusted cookbook publisher; a storyline just for children and a 3D audio guide with surround sound effects.

That’s not all, but we’re not saying more. To find all the answers and your own happy place, you’ll just have to visit Maestrani’s Chocolarium.