The Heritage Room – Carry on our legacy

NIVEA, Hansaplast, Eucerin, tesa, Labello and La Prairie have one thing in common. They all belong to Beiersdorf, founded over 140 years ago in Hamburg. In the new corporate headquarters, which will open in 2023, the Heritage Room presents the treasures of the company archive for the first time and brings their significance for the future of the company to life.

The task

A hidden room on a mezzanine floor of the new campus in Hamburg Eimsbüttel is to become a shining treasure chamber. An inviting and entertaining access to the archive for employees and visitors.

The idea

Together with the Beiersdorf Heritage Team, SIMPLE has created an aesthetic and functional space that creates emotional access in digital and analogue under the narrative motif “Where moments meet”. This motif is based on a simple finding: the coming together of people, ideas and things at the right moment has produced great and ground-breaking things at Beiersdorf. These magic moments are reflected in the storyline from the greeting to the farewell gesture.

The reality

The Heritage Room is an elegant space with a design that straddles the line between beauty salon, showroom and laboratory. Inspired by the interior concept of the new Beiersdorf Campus, warm colours and materials are combined with a wealth of historical content, intelligent storytelling and media interactions.

The contemporary pharmacy welcomes visitors with a wow effect: the founders Paul Beiersdorf and Oscar Troplowitz come to life via AI and pose the question: Are you ready to carry on our legacy?

This encounter at the pharmacy counter with a transparent screen blurs the boundaries between past and present. Five characters invite visitors to get to know all the founding personalities. To put them in relation to each other, two of the characters can be combined with each other. The short animated stories tell the magic moment that was created by the meeting or relationship of these two people and that still characterises the company today.

The stories are brought to life by the combination of the abstracted historical scenes and the drawn characters by illustrator Gregory Gilbert-Lodge. The latter are already familiar to many employees and visitors from the archive’s Chronicles. They are highly recognisable, which strengthens the perception of historical corporate communication.

The large BRANDS displaycase flanks this experience with almost 100 exciting historical objects that present the various Beiersdorf brands from all current markets. A large hidden object display to marvel at and discover, welcoming employees and guests from all over the world.

The interactive MOMENTS table defines the centre of the Heritage Room. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the depths of the company and brand history via a creamy real-time interface design. The visual appearance of the real-time shader was inspired by oil, water and the consistency of Nivea cream.

Users can access the 150 or so stories via six physical markers, the topic tokens Brands, Responsibility, People, Value & Strategy, Research & Development and Supply Chain. As with PEOPLE, a Magic Moment can be triggered by combining two tokens.

With its variety of content, playful access and content updates, the exhibit invites employees at the site in particular to return. The user experience with simple rotating and scrolling interactions is intuitive. As with all exhibits, it is supported by feedback sounds, all of which were produced with Beiersdorf products in analogue form and further processed digitally.

The TIME timeline provides a quick overview of the most important events and developments. The important tool for short visits and the onboarding of new Beiersdorflers impresses with its almost sculptural appearance as well as its lightness and transparency.

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