Schalom and Alaaf

Since the beginning of the organised Cologne carnival 200 years ago, Jews have been a part of it – in the hustle and bustle on the streets and in the pub, in the club, on stage and in front of it. For some, carnival is one of the highlights of the year, some earn their living from it. In the 200th anniversary year of Cologne Carnival, the NS Documentation Centre of the City of Cologne presents the exhibition “Schalom & Alaaf. Jüdinnen & Juden im Kölner Karneval”, the NS Documentation Centre is putting Jewish carnivalists centre stage for the first time.

The brief

Despite the dark part of history during the Third Reich, the exhibition is primarily intended to express and bring to life the joy and celebration.

The reality

The idea

The thematic areas are scenically designed with a light backdrop. A walk-in stage set that organises the main space and creates a natural tour.

  • Client: NS-DOK
  • Location: Cologne
  • Area: 400 sqm
  • Services: Concept, design, realisation, project management
  • Graphics: nondesign / Sebastian Kutscher
  • Photos: Leonie Braun
  • Video: Lennart Wiedemuth / Montage: Jens Ermeling