The Radical Resource Revolution at EUROBIKE 2023

Ein temporäres Epizentrum der Marke

At EUROBIKE 2023, SCHWALBE introduced its new brand image with the radically sustainable SCHWALBE LAB.

A collaborative design process led to the innovative stand, where NEUER WEG (brand), PRISMA PLAN (trade fair), and SIMPLE (spatial design) each contributed with their expertise.

The task

To translate the new brand direction into a radically rethought spatial experience.

Trade fair appearances are transformed from isolated events into temporary brand epicentres. These complement permanent brand spaces like the new Brand World at the company headquarters in the Bergisches Land.

radikal ressourcenschonend

The challenge

To create a cohesive impression by bringing product presentation and material selection from the new Brand World together with the new brand image and corporate values.


The idea

The design reflects the brand’s entry into a new era. Sustainability is implemented and exemplified, as a tangible driver in all areas.

The reality

Products and concepts are communicated on equal footing.

The temporary architecture represents SCHWALBE’s pioneering spirit, innovation-driven mindset, and holistic approach to sustainable (mobility) concepts. The use of reusable scaffolding, wood and recycled lightweight textiles form the building blocks for a confident architectural statement. The sustainable concept is reinforced by the absence of flooring and the incorporation of rubber wood beams as tables and counters.

Visitors experience SCHWALBE as an open and flexible catalyst for the mobility revolution. Our agile, collaborative, and cross-agency work has provided the SCHWALBE sales department with a new, robust communication foundation that does more with less.

Client: SCHWALBE / Ralf Bohle GmbH
Concept and design: NeuerWeg GmbH, prisma plan Ing.-GmbH, SIMPLE GmbH
Communication design: NeuerWeg GmbH
Stand construction: prisma plan Ing.-GmbH
Photos: Annika Feuss