Learning is child’s play

BMW Junior Campus

Everyone knows that a car has four wheels, an engine and a steering wheel with a horn in the middle that “honks” when you press it. In reality, a vehicle is so much more than that. It’s highly complex, with interconnected technologies and processes. How do you communicate that to children?

The BMW Welt in Munich has a space where children can find answers to all their questions about cars and explore the topic of mobility. This space is the Junior Campus. Here, promoting the BMW brand has taken a back seat in favour of creative learning. Children between the ages of 7 and 13 are encouraged to explore the origins of the car, understand how it works and discover some of its secrets. It’s a highly informative and atmospheric space in which to experience the crossroads of the analogue and digital worlds. In 2007, when the BMW Junior Campus opened, this wasn’t a common approach.

The Junior Campus experience was born from close collaboration with educators, experts and scientists from a range of disciplines. As the lead agency for this project, we were responsible for the concept, interior, product and graphic design, as well as the technical, interactive and media elements. The entire experience consists of three discovery rooms: the Campus Portal, the Campus Laboratory and the Campus Workshop, where children can explore their own ideas about mobility and build their own vehicles.

The project opened a new world for us as well as the children. We were ready for more big projects! It also resulted in a roadshow version for the International Motor Show (IAA) and the beginning of our long-term partnership with BMW.