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BMW Group Sustainability Games

»Sustainability«. An important, but cumbersome word. A word that can mean a lot of different things. And, a lot of good things. People know this, yet how to feel, think and act sustainably in everyday life is not always clear.

For companies like the BMW Group this is a problem. Car manufacturers are known for being »generous« when it comes to defining sustainability. But not the BMW Group. For years, the group has been at the top of the Dow Jones Sustainability Group Index, the world’s most important evaluator of business sustainability performance. But what the group actually does to top the index isn’t all that clear. The only way to bridge the gap is education. With a clever approach. And a great deal of concrete examples. Which sounds easier than it is. Because sustainability also should be fun.

That’s where we came in. Our four »Sustainability Games« blended the principles of traditional gaming with digital possibilities. »Efficient Dynamics pinball« is a virtual 3D pinball machine that allows visitors to ping balls and experience the massive impact that dedicated technologies have on CO2 emissions. In the »One-litre race« your aim is to drive as far as you can with, well, one litre of fuel. »Spinball« is a game of skill, where the aim is to maintain a closed water cycle in engine production. The fourth game uses reaction and combination game mechanics to open a world of complex traffic management and preventing traffic jams. 

Sound fun? It actually is. Gamification balances playing and learning, creating a drive to discover information, rather than being force-fed it. Where other methods fail, gamification can succeed. And when the topic is complex, it’s definitely a winner.