True, fit, healthy

Nutrition is one of the big issues of this time. The Federal Centre for Nutrition has the answers to many questions: balanced eating and drinking, sustainable shopping and cooking, nutritional advice and nutritional education.

The task

To present the information and educational offers of the BZfE to the visitors* of the Didacta in the Cologne Trade Fair.

The idea

In the look of a pop-up bookstore the printed and digital offers are presented in a casual way.

The Reality

The book and brochure racks provide space for storage areas and a protected meeting zone. The high-legged upright furniture and cleverly placed mirrors in the foot area make the stand appear airy and light. The sky full of speech and thought bubbles communicates the topics and provides the necessary long-distance effect.

  • Client: BZfE - Federal Centre for Nutrition
  • Location: Didacta, Cologne
  • Services: Concept, planning, construction, design and implementation
  • Contents: m&p, Bonn
  • Area: 50 square meters
  • Photos: Annika Feuss, Cologne