Am I Beautiful?

Silly, sexy or outright odd. Everyone shows their true face eventually – especially if it’s stuck through a hole.

The Brief

To create a new fearless fair stand for the freakiest bag-maker in town.

The Idea

Image at the front, product behind. With traditional backdrops and funfair joviality, we combine merriment with marketing. Figures with holes for faces rouse visitors to pose and snap.

The Reality

The backdrops form the set of a 200 square metre stage. Fabric panels hang either side and complete the image. Stepping onto the stand, visitors become actors.

We design optimised brackets to present bags, rucksacks and laptop sleeves on the reverse of the backdrops. Plenty of space for the numerous product samples.

The figures illustrate two types of people. The performer who belongs in his context, and the performer who wants to look like he doesn’t belong. The quirky bar-man in the bar, or the trainer-wearing Tarzan in the Wild West. Illustrator Helge Windisch brings the characters to life, setting the visitors in the scene.

The concept hits the mark. The stand belongs to the most photographed at the Photokina 2008 in Cologne.

Photos: Uli Grohs