Vaillant GroupGrowing plants

Real company locations are becoming increasingly important for brand loyalty. Even for manufacturers of hot water, cooling and heating systems. With factory tours and training events for staff and external professionals visiting their international sites, the Vaillant Group offers insightful and consistent brand experiences.

The assignment
Following the successful launch of the brand experience centre at the Nantes factory in France, other plants are gradually being developed into venues for events and experiences. simple was commissioned to develop an integrated concept for all Vaillant Group plants worldwide. The aim is to give all global production sites a uniform character that works with the corporate identity of the eight Vaillant Group brands, and highlights the consistent high quality of production.

The idea
“Together, we are part of something big!” – The key idea emphasises the strength of the Group and focuses on the advantages of the brand family and plant network.

To provide a united base for the eight members of the Vaillant Group, a brand-neutral corporate interior architecture was defined. This acts as a framework for all Vaillant Group interiors around the world and ensures recognition and identification.

With communication kits consisting of defined brand modules, brand-specific elements can be added to the neutral basis and each site designed according to its individual brand history. After Nantes in France, plants at the production sites in Skalica and Trenĉín (Slovakia) are being converted and modifications are being made at the company headquarters in Remscheid.

To manage future projects, an international design manual is being developed. From office chairs, canteen furnishings to production line signage systems, the manual will be the standard for all space-related design in all plants.

Photos: Annika Feuss / Lisa Beller