adidasAfter the Game is before the Game

Since it was opened in 2012, the brand exhibition has been repeatedly supplemented, changed and revised by adidas. More emotional, more inspiring and more diverse than ever before. The promise of a lively, modular exhibition has been fulfilled.

The changes
Together with adidas’ History Management department, we have continually taken advantage of the opportunities offered by the exhibition system. Visitor behaviour and visitor statistics have been evaluated. Objects and stories have returned to the depths of the archives to make way for new exhibits. We have optimised information levels, and adapted language and images to new communication goals. Content from the exhibition and adidas archives is brought together and made available in the HISTORY CHANNEL of the adidas intranet presentation.

The projections
Emotional images visualise the central messages and key competencies of the brand with examples from the past, present and future.

The mirror
A new farewell message is communicated to visitors as they leave the exhibition.

Motion design: Jens Ermeling
Photos: Annika Feuss